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Introducing The Advantage Branch Console™

The goals of the design of the Advantage Branch Console™ was to provide tellers with a workspace that is ergonomically correct, greatly reducing operator fatigue and the possibility of developing Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) and other work related disabilities. By doing we can reduce the risk of workman’s compensation cases.

The Advantage Branch Console™ utilizes a furniture quality modular design allowing financial institutions configure the teller line in many varying layouts. Keyboard placement and the ability to allow maximum adjustability so that the optimum setting may be obtained to accommodate tellers of varying height and reach. Mounting of the monitor on a fully adjustable arm allows each operator to correct any problems associated with glare, incorrect angles and distance related issues. Also built into each workstation are individual adjustments for heat and in some cases lighting.

Now comes the issue of creating a work station that actually allows the tellers to resolve most customer problems relating to their account by the inclusion of an outboard (customer side) monitor. The outboard monitor allows the teller to show the customer the latest transactions they may have contributed to a customer error, an example is a customer forgetting to record ATM withdrawals or Point Of Sale transactions. Typically if the customer disputed the balance as shown on the tellers monitor, the teller had no choice but to refer the customer to a Customer Service Representative possibly causing the customer to be placed in another queue.

We have stated that as designers, we must not only produce a Branch that is visually pleasing (form) and works well as interior space (function), but must also focus on developing systems that improve the overall attitude of all your branch employees. Applying what Advantage Branch has learned over many years, we can design and deliver Branches that utilize the “Advantage Design™ Approach” to Branch design. Just what is the “Advantage High Performance Design™ Approach”, and why is it important to consider in evaluating your next new Branch or renovation?

Please consider some very important factors that will affect how your employees respond to changes in their environment, and just how these changes might influence the reaction of these employees. First we should remember a very important study that was conducted many years ago at the Hawthorne Plant of the Western Electric Company in Cicero, Illinois. Professor Elton Mayo researched the effect of the physical and environmental influences of the workplace, and later studied the psychological aspects contributing to employees’ overall demeanor and productivity. You might ask what metric or means of measurement can be used to determine what the overall contribution of designing a workspace that improves the Teller’s environment? If applied properly, designing teller stations and Branches to be user friendly, will promote a sense of the Teller’s importance. By doing so, we are helping to create a culture that will significantly improve the day to day attitude of your workforce, and thereby affect the Tellers’ attitude toward your customers, which in turn will promote customer loyalty and retention. With this in mind, how does Advantage Branch & Office Systems deliver designs aimed at doing just that? Let’s consider some factors that lead to the Advantage Branch Design™:

  • We must understand the daily routine of the Tellers - their likes and dislikes as they relate to their physical environment. The Tellers spend ninety percent or more of their workday in a workstation that is typically 50 square feet or less. 2. Many financial institutions understand that the attrition rate of tellers is based on several factors among these are:
  • Pay is generally low and many have installed either individual or group incentive programs based on product sales performance. This is a step in the right direction but in many cases they have not provided the tellers with the tools needed to enhance the tellers ability effectively cross-sell a variety of products, in fact tellers in most cases remain in a transactional mode. That is why we developed the Advantage Branch Console ™. Utilization of the Advantage Branch Console a modular teller system that changes the way that financil institutions
  • We can pay very close attention to individual ergonomic variables such as workplace height, computer placement (keyboard and monitor), seating , placement of teller cash drawers and forms, as well as other frequently accessed items. Where possible, we should accommodate these differences to allow for as much customization as possible and practical.
  • As budgets allow, consider installing cash dispensing systems instead of typical under counter steel. This will eliminate some of the Tellers’ most tedious and monotonous routines. This feature can also improve transaction times and provide better shift end cash consolidation. With proper software, cash usage can be tracked and the head teller can be notified when a station has cash needs prior to a typical vault call being required, thereby eliminating wasting a customers’ time.
  • Determine the placement of the drive-up system in order to minimize negative factors such as excessive interior noise and temperature fluctuations.
  • Design the transaction area to best utilize available space without cramping the space available for each Teller position, keeping in mind the requirements for handling worst case peak times.

These are just a few items that will greatly contribute to improvement in the attitude of Tellers, which will in turn improve the overall customers’ experience.

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