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Creating a Team Environment By Design

We have discussed the need to upgrade the Tellers area and the Tellers workspace, but in order to deliver a Branch that truly delivers an “Advantage High Performance Design™”, we must examine the remaining elements of the personality of the Branch. As in most building designs, we create or accommodate each individual area or zone to make them seamless. Some designers define the various zones within the Branch as sales zones, transaction zones, operation zones, investment zones, etc. From our perspective, all of the retail floor of the Branch is a sales zone. We define this space, no matter how large or small, as retail space that will be accessed by your customers.

Every inch of space can deliver a message through the effective deployment of a merchandising program, but we should remember that the merchandising programs are there only to support the various Branch functions such as loans, investments, new accounts, and other financial services. We create a clear connection from one functional area to the other. Since each Branch presents unique challenges, an analysis of your present design (for existing Branches) or the development of a concept that fits within the vision of the culture and goals of your institution is a necessity. Paying very close attention to the various functional relationships allows our designs to integrate all the zones into a seamless envelope promoting teamwork, while maximizing the overall efficiency of the Branch. The Turner Group will design your Branch to function as one entity, and use the space to promote improved teamwork and communications. We will create an environment that allows the various functions to act as one so that your customers feel comfortable in approaching anyone regarding any banking matter. This makes them feel important, and as stated earlier, making your customers feel important and respected will help you meet your financial goals by improving both your cross-sell ratio, and retaining more of your customers. An “Advantage Design™” creates an environment that greatly contributes to the outcome of ensuring that both your employees and your customers have a sense of being welcome, comfortable, and at ease in your environment. We understand that implementing a design that makes people feel comfortable will lower stress and any feeling of anxiety. We also accomplish this by creating warm environments with the proper use of lighting, color, choice of furnishings, and many other design elements.

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