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“Branding” is a term used by almost all companies and individuals involved inthe design of retail space. What exactly is “Branding”? It is a term that relates to “Brand” identification. Then, just what is your “Brand” identification? Is it your logo - your choice of color palette -, your use of space - your well thought out merchandising program? Perhaps it consists of all of the above. Why do we budget so much to achieve this “Branding”? Many of the companies involved with the design of financial institutions lead us to believe that a customer should leave a Branch having had a memorable experience based on the application of “Branding”.

What we accomplish by applying the “Advantage Branch Design™” methodology to each of your Branches is to create an environment that is familiar to your customers, and in which many elements are part of every Branch within your network. We do this by working with the space, so that where possible, the placement of the different functional areas will be strategically located in similar zones throughout your network. The waiting areas of each Branch will have a common theme; the Teller areas willl have a familiar appearance and feel; and your customers will intuitively understand how to best access each service your institution offers. By accomplishing these goals, we can establish and reinforce the ultimate use and application of “Branding” for you.

Therefore, “Branding” is not just a marketing term used to identify your institution, but a means of delivering a message. That message states that you feel your customers and their time are important, and that you have addressed the things that contribute to making their visits to your institutions pleasant, non-threatening, and most of all, by making your customer feel welcome. The “AdvantageHigh Performance Design™” approach will elevate the spirits of your employees and customers, which is the purpose of the development of an “Advantage Branch Design™”.

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